things i want in life:

  • to lose weight
  • to get a social life
  • to be in a relationship

what i do about it:

  • eat lots of food
  • sit inside alone on computer
  • sleep

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The Night Sun: Chapter 5

Dan’s POV

This boy, Phil. He was an odd one.

I felt the need to gush every fact that I had stored in my brain, to spill every bit of knowledge to this boy. All to a mere human, even if he is the one from the stories I knew all too well.

But when I stepped from the shadows, his reaction triggered something inside me. That despite wanting to tell this Human everything, it was wrong. It made me start having thoughts like, the fact that he wasn’t from here. That maybe he would just report this information back to earth and betray me. That he didn’t care about the source of the information, only that he got it.

All from the look in his eyes. 

His eyes screamed in terror, though his mouth remained tightly sealed. 

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The Night Sun: Chapter 3

Phil’s POV

I opened my eyes slowly, once I had taken in the strange and unfamiliar decor I sprung out of bed. I hadn’t noticed the figure on the other side of the room, dark and mysterious. His back had been facing me before, but now he turned to face me.

He was in the shadows, so I couldn’t make out much about him. Only that he was strikingly tall, agile looking, and had a fair amount of muscle. My eyes slowly crept up toward his face, I couldn’t see anything about that either. But a pair of glowing red eyes stared at me from the concealment of the shadows.

I immediately recoiled, shouting “Who the hell are you?” as I fought down my inner terror. Red eyes never meant anything good, in any movie I had ever seen it always was a warning for “Danger! Bad things! Run away!” but I was frozen in place. I balled my fists at my side and tried to hold my head high and steady.

The boy tensed up.

“I could say the same for you. Where are you from?” He said in a smooth, deep voice. The voice didn’t sound old, and his body condition suggested that he was around my age..

“I asked first.” I said back through clenched teeth.

The boy breathed out a heavy sigh, “Dan, of the Reorak.” He paused, and continued in a cool voice, “Your turn.”

I could hear the soft rustle of his clothing, and the gentle creak of the wall as he leaned against it.

“Phil.” I replied simply.

“What kind are you, Phil? Kaaliet? You are a few feet short by their standard though.” He let out a breath of amusement.

What kind am I? What kind of a question was that? The only kind on Earth was human. So I guess that’s what I was.

“Human I guess.” I mumbled. I awkwardly scratched my bare shoulder. Odd, I could have sworn I had more close on when I landed. But my head hurt so bad I could hardly remember anything.

I suddenly realized I couldn’t remember anything, not why I was here. How I got here, what went wrong with the ship.. It seemed like those had effectively been erased out of my memory. I raked my brain in a panicked frenzy, trying to recall something. Anything.


“Human?” I heard Dan whisper.

“Yes, why?”

“How did you, a bloody human, get all the way to Vaitex?” He seemed genuinely confused, maybe even slightly scared.

“So that’s what this planet is? Vaitex?” I questioned.

“You didn’t know that? How did you get all the way to this planet? It’s out of your solar system! Even at light speed you would be nothing more than a pile of long dead bones by the time you got here…” He trailed off, still leaning in the shadows. His eyes were closed now, in thought I assumed, for I could no longer see their eerie red glow.

“I can’t remember anything. I think I got a concussion.” I said as I rubbed my pounding head.

“So you are who they sent.” He concluded.

“Pardon?” I blurted.

“We knew of the humans since they first began. They never knew about us, we knew everything about you from your cavemen to the building of those grand cities of yours. We had a transmission device on your planet that allowed us to keep an eye on you, we even helped you sometimes. Introduced new animals to your planet by teleporting them, new plants as well. We should know all about you, because we put humans on that planet in the first place. Like an experiment. Once we saw that you could learn, and function, and even explore space we got more cautious you might discover us. As knowledgeable as your people are, we didn’t want them to discover us.

One day we noticed something, it had gone foolishly under our noses and we had missed it. Humans, had found us. And were sending somebody, preserved in a deep sleep that prevented hunger and aging, to us to investigate. We tried to stop it, but our connection was severed somehow. Now, seventy-four thousand years in the future, here you are.”

“I am over seventy-four thousand years old?! How, but, why? How do you know so much?”

“Technically speaking, yes, but you didn’t truly live those years. You slept. And as the space craft crashed onto my lawn, I suppose it kicked in some emergency over drive to wake you. After all this time, you are finally here. As for your other question, every being on this planet knows the story. We had thought of it to be just another fairy tale though, it appears we were wrong.” He paused, sucking in a breath.

“Welcome to Vaitex, Phil.”

The Night Sun: Chapter 4

Phil’s POV

"Vaitex? I-I… What? How? Why don’t I remember anything?" I pleaded. So many questions bounced around inside my head, it was impossible to snatch onto one so I settled with mumbling, "How,but why…whatiswhoarehowthe…" My tongue lolled uselessly in my mouth, so I fell silent.

"To answer the only question I could really make out, you probably don’t remember anything because of two reasons." He paused, "One I already said, the concussion, and the other is probably because you were asleep for so long. But surely they must have seen that coming, I mean how could they expect you to remember…" Dan fell silent, he was obviously deep in thought, still hidden in the shadows. His red eyes dropped into slits as he pondered.

"Saw what coming?" I blurted stupidly after a moment. Dan’s red eyes flashed back to their full size and stared at me for a moment, he held the gaze. I dropped mine first, there was just something about his eyes. Not that they weren’t scary, but so full of mystery…

"Your memory being unreliable." He waved his hand with an air of dismissal. When his hand came out of the shadow I saw it was just like mine, fingers, normal fingers. Except he was a bit more tan. Despite his hand being tan, I couldn’t miss the black symbol on the back of his hand. 

"What’s that on your hand there?" I tilted my head to the side and tried to stare into the shadows, eager to catch another glimpse of what this strange, mysterious boy looked like.

"Oh this?" His hand slipped out of the dark that concealed him, his palm faced up to show me the mark again.

I stared at it more carefully, it was a series of looping twisting lines, and a sun in the middle. The sun was completely filled in with the stained black skin.

"That, is my Tenebris sol"

"The what what." I asked

"Tenebris sol, only a hundred can exist on the planet at once. They can appear for any race on the planet, they strengthen your powers. It’s Latin for ‘dark sun’ legend has it that we get our powers from that moon out there that burns black fire."

Powers?" Now I just felt like a fool for asking so many questions.

"All in good time, can’t reveal all my good secrets at once, now can I?"

"But can’t you just reveal one more?"

"And which one would that be?"

"What you look like."

For a moment Dan paused, “Very well.” He replied, stepping from the shadows. I gasped and stumbled back into the wall.

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